SplashData Announces SplashClock 1.0 for Palm OS

Desk Clock and Image Viewer for Palm OS Handhelds

Seattle, WA - Nov. 7, 2002 - SplashData, Inc., the leading developer of virtual wallet applications for Palm OS handhelds, today announced SplashClock, an application that automatically runs when your handheld is charging in its cradle and displays a semi-transparent clock with a slideshow of personal images in the background. SplashClock runs on all color handhelds running Palm OS 3.5 or later and can be purchased at an introductory price of $5.00.

SplashClock is a customizable desk clock for Palm OS handhelds. It will automatically launch when your handheld is charging in its cradle and display an attractive analog or digital clock with personal images displayed in the background. The clockįs appearance can be customized, as follows:

  • Choose between a digital or analog clock display and whether or not to show the date

  • Customize the clock formatting, including size, location, color and transparency level

  • Supports standard (160x160), Hi-Res (320x320), and Hi-Res+ (320x480) displays

  • Choose which images to view in the Slideshow and the delay between images

  • Displays JPEG images and SplashPhoto PDB images

  • Show slides in random order

  • Auto-run when handheld is idle and charging in cradle

SplashClock is a perfect complement to SplashPhoto, SplashDataįs leading image viewer, awarded "Best Image Viewer" by Handheld Computing Magazine. SplashClock can display SplashPhoto PDB images as well as standard JPEG images. Like SplashPhoto, SplashClock has been designed specifically to take advantage of the high-resolution screen and fast ARM processor found in new Palm OS5 devices, including the recently introduced Palm Tungsten-T and Sony Clie NX70.

"SplashClock makes great use of my handheld when it is not in use and charging in its cradle," said John Chaffee, President of SplashData. "It automatically launches and displays the current time and date with my favorite images in the background. Itįs quite useful and looks great."

Pricing and Availability
SplashClock is available for a limited time at half price, $5.00, direct from SplashData at http://www.splashdata.com. Free 30-day trial versions are also available for download.

System Requirements
SplashClock supports all color handheld models running Palm OS 3.5 or later including the Palm IIIc, m130, m515, and Tungsten; Handspring Treo 90, Treo 270, Treo 300, and Visor Prism; and the Sony Clie N610C, N710C, N760C, T615C, T665C, NR70, NR70V, NX60, NX70.

About SplashData
SplashData is the leading developer of virtual wallet applications for Palm OS handhelds. SplashData's applications provide all the functions of a traditional wallet in digital form, enabling a truly mobile digital lifestyle. SplashData's top quality products and experienced management team are playing a leadership role in the emerging mobile applications market. Founded in 2000, SplashData is privately held and based in Seattle, WA. For more information please visit http://www.splashdata.com, or call SplashData at (206) 780-9184.

Copyright 2002 SplashData, Inc. All rights reserved. SplashPhoto and SplashClock are trademarks of SplashData, Inc.
All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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