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Windows Mobile Smartphone Release Notes

SplashID 4.15 - Jun 1, 2008

  • Fixed auto-lock bug in list view on desktop
  • No changes on handheld - version remains at 4.1

SplashID 4.14 - April 11, 2008

  • Fixed the crasher on launch in Panel View on the SplashID Desktop
  • No changes on handheld - version remains at 4.1

SplashID 4.1 - December 14, 2007

  • Updated RAPI sync version to sync with more devices

SplashID 4.09 - December 9, 2007

  • Released Active Sync and RAPI sync versions to offer more sync options
  • Fixed a bug with the Type filter menu on the handheld application
  • Set Hint feature now allows the use of spaces in the hint
  • Icon Picker now fits properly on landscape screen devices like Q, Dash and BlackJack
  • Default Auto-Backup location is corrected to My Documents\SplashData\SplashID\Backup\

SplashID 4.08 - November 19, 2007

  • Major upgrade - upgrade from previous versions for $9.95
  • New desktop views - Panel View and Tree View
  • Tree View on the handheld application
  • Enhanced security - auto lock-out after 10 failed attempts, password strength meter, and password hint option
  • Web Auto-Fill - one click to open a website on the desktop and login automatically
  • Synchronize multiple SplashID databases (with other version 4 database files only)
  • Enhanced Lookup feature instantly displays relevant results as you type
  • Email securely encrypted SplashID files to other users (from the handheld application too!)
  • Add additional standalone desktop users
  • Change the database and auto-backup file locations
  • Toolbars give you button features where they are needed the most
  • Updated icon set with enhanced high resolution graphics
  • Fully Vista compatible
  • New Sync method - Use the Sync menu item in the menu bar of the SplashID desktop

SplashID 3.4 - March 22, 2006

  • Windows Mobile 5 support, including the Treo 700w.
  • Fixed a bug with the password generator.
  • Columns now correctly resize after changing Show Columns setting.

SplashID 3.32 - July 14, 2005

  • Desktop: Desktop database can now be saved to a custom location.
  • Desktop/Handheld: Updated the standard icon set.
  • Desktop/Handheld: Very minor UI updates, such as improving spacing of translated text and fixing typographical errors.
  • Desktop: The Italian version no longer crashes when printing.
  • Desktop: Exported data (vID or CSV) no longer gains an extra linefeed character.
  • Desktop: Auto-lock no longer crashes print preview.
  • Handheld: The Orange version is now installing the current CAB file.
  • Handheld: Notes can now be deleted correctly.
  • Handheld: Delete key now works correctly on the Motorola mpx220.
  • Handheld: Improved navigation for Types when creating or editing records.

SplashID 3.21 - December 14, 2004

  • Syncing is now supported for devices on the Orange network.
  • The desktop now auto-selects the currently connected ActiveSync user on launch.

SplashID 3.2 - November 24, 2004

  • Added Language support for French, German, Italian, and Spanish
  • Added backup and restore features to SplashID desktop
  • Added a font size setting feature on the handheld
  • SplashID now syncs with the following devices: Verizon i600, AT&T MPx200 , MPx220 (should work for most carriers), AudioVox SMT5600 (should work for most carriers), Sprint i600
  • Fixed a bug where the desktop data could become garbled in rare situations
  • Enabled entering special characters
  • Added new installer technology to improve installations
  • Fixed a bug that would replace the text of one record’s note with the text of another   
  • Fixed a bug that would keep custom category headers from updating
  • Improved situations when the application wouldn’t lock correctly
  • Modified how SplashID is storing security information
  • Various UI improvements

SplashID 3.12 - August 17, 2004

  • Handheld changes:
    • Added a Find feature.
    • Added a numeric password entry mode.
    • Improved sorting of numbers and dates.
    • Improved double-byte font support.
    • Auto-lock will no longer invoke when editing types or categories.
    • International characters now display in Notes.
    • Delete now works when Editing Types, Categories, Password, and Notes.
    • “Edit Types” no longer shows as the current type after Editing Types.
  • Desktop changes:
    • Fixed a bug where all users’ font settings would change the first time a font was set.
    • Fixed a redraw bug where data in preview pane wouldn’t update when users were switched.

SplashID 3.11 - July 2, 2004

  • First Release

Supported Devices

Windows Mobile Pocket PC

> Windows Mobile 5 or later, including Smartphone or Standard



> Windows ME, NT4, 2000, XP



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