Import SplashShopper Lists

Default Lists
These are the sample lists that are included with the application. You may wish to reinstall these if you accidentally deleted one. Click the link to import the list into your SplashShopper app.


Books - A list of 25 notable classics


Emergency - A list of to do items for disaster preparedness


Gifts - A sample list of gifts to buy by recipient

cart Groceries - Sample grocery list of 128 common items
house Household - Common items needed from the hardware/garden store
movies Movies - A list of top 25 classic films

Music - A list of top 23 grossing albums on Billboard

tack Office Supplies - Common items needed for the office
todo To Do - A sample list of tasks
plane Travel Checklist - A useful sample packing list

Wine - A list of 18 great wines

Additional Lists
Here are some other lists you can import that may be of interest. Click the link to import the list into your SplashShopper app.


ABC's Lost Book Club - A list of the books referenced in the Lost TV series

diamond Beads - A list of common beads for making your own jewelry
plate Calorie Counter - A useful list of common foods and their caloric values
Fire Camping Checklist - A packing list for a camping trip
baby Childproofing - A list of to do items for parents of small children
phone Chinese Takeout - A list of common Chinese restaurant menu items
cart Full Grocery List - 1283 Grocery items (the database that powers the Add Item search)
baby New Baby - A shopping list for expecting parents
todo New Year Resolutions - A sample list of common new year resolutions
plate Sushi - A list of common sushi menu items

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