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"SplashShopper makes shopping easier and rather exciting. Also there is an option to create multiple lists, which makes it easier to organize all things. SplashShopper software is very simple and easy to use and also has many options like checking current prices and following the budget that makes it worth buying. SplashShopper makes it possible to buy everything that the user has planned without missing out anything." Full Review

StarStarStarStarStar Handango February 12, 2009 by Irene from Mississauga, Ontario
Shopping Made Easy
Shoping is so much easier. I don't forget my items, and have to return. I don't over by (as much) lol . Most of the time I have my shopping list in my purse that I end up loosing when I go to get it out. There are many things that I leave behind when I am in a rush to get out , but the one thing that is stuck to my hip is my Blackberry. That only means if I have my blackberry then I have everything. Thanks Splash Shopper !!

StarStarStarStarStar Handango June 19, 2008 by MLL from BG, KY
Best Shopping Program
I have purchased other programs for other types of devices. SplashShopper is the best in my opinion. It has the desktop version to sync with the handheld which is a great help at times. It is easy to use. The only reason I tried anything different on the Blackberry was the cost, and it was a mistake. I would have been much better off spending the other few bucks to have SplashShopper on it too. I only use the Palm for shopping lists now since I have SplashShopper on it.

StarStarStarStarStar Handango November 29, 2007 by Sharon Wagner from Kalamazoo, MI
One line summary: So cool!
Exactly what I needed. I particularly use the grocery list feature and the gift listing now that the holiday time is here. As I think of items I need, I add them to the list and my paper list has gone the way of the dinosaur. I love that the items can "disappear" once you complete them. Love it!

StarStarStarStarStar Handango October 11, 2007 by a user from Tucson, AZ
Good for more than just shopping lists

This program is awesome. I was considering buying a database program & a financial program to make trip lists and keep track of expenses on vacation. But this program can do all of that. I've added new lists, customized them, and I get exactly what I need. And it's all together with my grocery and department store lists. This has made my PDA super functional for everyday and every now and then tasks. It really is an excellent tool for listmakers who don't want to be bogged down with too many programs. After all, I bought my Z22 to simplify my life and replace my paper planner, not to mimic my computer with loads of software. : )

StarStarStarStarStar Handango September 24, 2007 by R Horn from Chandler, AZ [BlackBerry edition]
Saves me time, keeps me organized
I now have a master grocery list, which once I took a few minutes to add aisle info.. I can sort by aisle, nothing's missed .. speedy shopping . I also keep running lists of upcoming birthday and christmas lists for each member of my family, movies we want to buy, and books I want to read as well as master packing lists for travel. I love this! Finally, something replaced my well-loved, well used day runner!

StarStarStarStarStar Handango August 30, 2007 by a reviewer from Pittsburgh, PA
Great tool

I love this product. It is the only decent list program I have found that has a desktop module that you can synch with. It is completely customizable and user friendly, so I use it not only for shopping and "to do" lists, but anything I need to keep track of with a list. I would recommend it if you are a "list" person.

StarStarStarStarStar Handango July 11, 2007 by Mike Stenz from GB, WI
Superb App!

I used JShopper daily for 8 years and purchased SplashShopper when I upgraded to a Treo. I loved that program and this one is 20x more functional! Many people do not use the desktop but it was an addition I always wished JShopper had since I work on my PC and Palm equally. It is very user-friendly and easier to create lists than HandyShopper or JShopper. Like others I also transferred my lists from Memo to here. My only suggestion would be to make the categories user-selectable based on the lists being used, to make the drop-down windows more manageable.

StarStarStarStarStar Handango June 6, 2007 by philocrates from Harrisburg, PA
Excellent organization tool

Installed nicely on my Palm OS 3.5. Very stable. The desktop feature makes it nice when I think of something while looking at recipes on the net. I can simply add and sync. I can create personalized categories. I did one for fast food to remember to get take out for supper. I can add foods and edit as needed. I am not stuck with what they typed in. Lots of space to add details. It was a must have program for me and well worth buying.

StarStarStarStarStar Handango June 1, 2007 by Josh Mannesman from Summit, NJ
One of my favorite apps comes to my BlackBerry

Used SplashShopper for years on various Palm devices. It's one of those apps that you really end up depending on. I use it every time I go to the grocery store. I keep all my gift lists there for Christmas and birthdays. So glad they brought this to BlackBerry!!

StarStarStarStarStar Handango April 18, 2007 by Chris from Nashville, TN
Great Shopping Program
This is a great shopping program, which I love having the desktop program that helps do more quicker. I also really like how you can compare prices to other stores, so you see who has the best deal on something. I really like the program, the only down side is I wish it had more icons to pick from when you are making a new list. Still a great product, and one I use about the most.

StarStarStarStarStar Handango January 18, 2007 by Jim Dimitroff from Carrollton, TX
Very pleased...

I've used numerous shopping list programs for my pocket PC devices. I very much enjoy this program since it includes a desktop version as well. This makes life much easier. Also easy to control one product in multiple stores. Like if a can of beans is at Wal-Mart for .66, and at Krogers for .74. You don't have to enter the beans twice. It allows you to setup splits on your products which is very unique I found. And you can have endless list, groceries is the most common, books, cd's, games. You can kind of create a to go wish list ready to review when you need it. Thirty bucks may sound like a bunch for a small PDA app. But this gives you a big bang for you buck, and well worth it. I give this application all five stars.

StarStarStarStarStar Handango December 19, 2006 by a reviewer from Iowa
I have used Splashshopper for several years on my palm. I was disappointed when I got my Pocket PC that it was not available until now. I have tried all other shopping programs and this is by far the best one for groceries. Plus this new version comes with a desktop version which makes inputting items so much easier.

StarStarStarStarStar Handango December 18, 2006 by Dina R from Dallas, TX
Not just for the grocery store or mall!
SplashShopper is one of the most valuable pieces of software on my device. I initially bought it to house my grocery list to make sure I came home with everything I needed. But I now have a wealth of other info in there that I use constantly! My Favorite Wines helps me choose when I'm out at restaurants or store. Books to Buy & Movies to Rent are growing lists that ensure I eventually get around to everything I meant to read or see. I just add them as I hear about them. I even use SplashShopper to inventory my makeup and brushes which helps me when trying to purchase additional items. Since I know at a glance what I have, I can make sure what I'm getting will compliment or work with it! Any personalized list is a great candidate for this great application. Definitely a five-star product!

Palm AddictPalm Addict Review - January 2006
I can’t imagine now going grocery shopping with out SplashShopper; it’s a great way to make a mundane chore fun. It has proven its worth to be my wife and me. With its possibilities for making other lists besides shopping, I see this program as an essential to any handheld user.

PalmGear November 10, 2005 by Paule Joyner
This program is excellent! Use it to plan your next shopping errand. This makes it easy to stick to your budget and most importantly, you leave the store with everything that you planned to get. No more forgetting. Thank you for thinking of this.

Handango August 26, 2005 by Busy Mom from Monroe, GA
Versatile, stable, great desktop software
I had been usign a popular freeware list app without a desktop accompaniment for over a year. I decided to demo SplashShopper and WOW - it's so much more versatile than I what I was using because of the customizable fields. The desktop application cuts down on time spent designing lists, and SplashShopper never crashes my PDA. I use it almost daily. Excellent application, pays for itself in time saved.

Handango August 15, 2005 by Busy Mom from Monroe, GA
Love SplashShopper

I wasn't sure if I was going to use this program so I downloaded the trial version. Being a stay at home mom and in charge of all the shopping, I used it everyday! I love the separate lists that I can create (one for things I get weekly, one for movies I want to see, one to keep track of kids clothes sizes, etc.). I can keep the items on the need page even when I check them off. That way I can always see how much I am spending. It even adds tax. Now all I need is a recipe book to coincide with the grocery list and it would be perfect!

PalmGear July 20, 2005 by Walter Francis
SplashShopper works great for me, it has since my SJ22 Clie, works even better on the Treo 650 with stylus-free navigation for 90% of tasks (most of all checking off as things are purchased; the most important one-thumb operation in the whole program.)

The desktop program is NOT necessary, you can install the SplashShopper prc to the Palm and it should work fine. Inputting the items might be tedious, but this is what I do since I do not use Windows. Once I had all my normal items in, every so often I'll think of something new and put it in, no big deal.. Occationally I'll glance at my receipts and update the prices of things. Otherwise, it's pretty much just making a list and checking it off as I grab it. Excellent program.

Handango June 23, 2004 by Mrs. Mac from Southfield, MI

If you enjoy lists this is the perfect list of shopping items to purchase for your personal use!

Handango March 17, 2004 by a reviewer from Inland Valley, CA
You need this in your life!!!
I bought SplashShopper about 3 years ago and have transferred it to two different PDA's. Originally bought it for the Handspring Visor, then it crashed so I had to get a new one. I just recently bought the Tungsten T5, and the landscape feature of the T5 makes SplashShopper even better! Keep track of prices by store, customize your own categories (for example,
we have an eBay category), whatever. SplashShopper needs to be your first download.

Handango January 27, 2004 by a reviewer from Pemberville, OH
Easy to use software.

I downloaded the trial version & it was every thing I was looking for! I can have list for multiple stores. It took me less then 5 min. to figure out how to use. Can be used for any type of list you can think of. I bought the full version the same day!

Handango December 7, 2004 by Steve & Tracy from Vernon, BC
Very user friendly
This program made made our palm cost effective we use shopper every day. Two thumbs up!!!!!!!!!!

Handango December 7, 2004 by Elizabeth from Richmond, VA
Excellent, versatile product.
Not only useful for typical shopping...it gets lots of use for packing lists for business travel, annual vacation or expedition trips and holiday meal provision needs. No need to sit and make out a paper list every year, wondering whether you've remembered every little critical thing! We couldn't do without it!

PalmGear October 23, 2004 by A. Stephenson
I've been using SplashShopper now for about 18 months and it is excellent. It has almost no bugs (& nothing that causes a crash). I amazed it isn't more of a bestseller than it is. Down to earth it may be compared to some of the more popular stuff but it's one of my most used Palm applications - extremely practical and used daily. Highly recommended.

Handango October 4, 2004 by Alexandria M. C. from Wisconsin
Makes shopping a breeze!
Very easy to customize and create shopping lists with this software. Now I know exactly which stores carry which items and what aisle to find them on.

Handango September 21, 2004 by Mike Witter from Victoria, BC
Highly Recommended
Tried a couple of other shopping list programs but found this was, by far, the most versatile, friendly and well organized. As a relatively new user, I have had no trouble whatsoever in figuring out how it all works, made even simpler by an easy to follow user's guide. Very versatile, and readily adaptable to almost anyone's needs. Excellent range of categories and most all data can be easily edited or modified to suit individual tastes and preferences.

Handango September 8, 2004 by a reviewer from Halifax, Nova Scotia
Has it all. Compared 8 different versions of shopping software and Splash has it all. The desktop is a great advantage.

Handango August 23, 2004 by Kimberly from Lancaster, OH
So worth every penny, I love it.
I started with the trial download. After just a few days I was hooked. I tried making a shopping list before on my palm to no sucess. This was exactly what I was looking for. It is very user friendly. With the desktop companion my son can come and add what he may need to the list and I just download it during my next hot sync. Makes life simpler no worries about forgetting my grocery list any more it's all in my palm.

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