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passwords, finances, photos, lists for your Palm or Treo
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SplashWallet - tools for your Palm or Treo
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A wallet holds your most valuable possessions - identification, cash, checks, credit cards, shopping lists, even photos of friends and family. Now you can hold it all in your smartphone or PDA with SplashWallet – SplashDatas award-winning suite of productivity applications bundled together for one low price. SplashWallet is SplashData’s best-selling product for a good reason – it’s our best value!

SplashWallet includes mobile and desktop versions of SplashID, SplashPhoto, SplashShopper, and SplashMoney (Palm OS only). With SplashWallet you save up to 50% compared to buying each application separately!

“The SplashWallet bundle is easily the best value in mobile productivity software.”

SplashID palm password manager
New SplashID
securely stores all of your sensitive data such as passwords New Version!
Software for Palm, Treo, Pocket PC, and Smartphone
Palm Powered Solution

 Designed for Windows Mobile
SplashPhoto photo viewer for your palm
SplashPhoto allows you to organize and display photos on your PDA or smartphone
SplashShopper list manager for palm
SplashShopper is a shopping list application that is perfect for keeping lists of any kind - groceries, gifts, books, dvds, etc.
SplashMoney palm finance manager
SplashMoney is a personal finance manager that keeps you on top of your accounts

Imagine an application that would enable you to:

  • Never have to worry about remembering usernames and passwords again – and be confident this critical data is completely secure
  • Keep smart shopping lists for everything from groceries to gifts to DVD’s
  • Show a slideshow of your favorite digital photos to your friends and family anytime, anyplace
  • Manage your financial accounts wirelessly from the palm of your hand

Hard to believe one software application could do all that?  SplashWallet can.  That’s because SplashWallet is actually a suite of four best-selling mobile applications that work together to help you stay on top of your busy lifestyle.  These four applications – SplashID, SplashPhoto, SplashShopper, and SplashMoney  –  have won amazing accolades from our customers (just take a look at some of the reviews below) and software industry experts alike; awards we’ve won include multiple Handango Champion Awards, a major mobile magazine’s Best Software Award, and awards from PalmGear and Bityard.

It’s no wonder SplashWallet has been one of the best-selling mobile applications of all time since the introduction of our first version back in 2002!

SplashWallet is also an incredible value.  Bought individually, the SplashWallet applications – SplashID, SplashPhoto, SplashMoney and SplashShopper – cost $119.95.  With SplashWallet, you get all of these applications for just $59.95, a savings of 50%. 

Please give SplashWallet a try.  We offer one of the industry’s strongest money-back guarantees – 60 days, unconditional, 100% refund.  If for any reason you’re not thrilled with SplashWallet, just let us know and we’ll make sure you get your money back.

Buy now for $59.95 - get SplashData’s 60-day money back guarantee

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  • 2006 Handango: “5 Stars”
  • 2006 PalmGear.com: “5 Stars”
  • 2006 Tucows.com: “5 Cows”
  • 2006 Handango Champion Awards: Winner "Best New Application" (SplashID)
  • 2006 Smartphone & Pocket PC Magazine: Nominee "Best Software Awards" (SplashID)
  • 2006 Smartphone & Pocket PC Magazine: Nominee "Best Software Awards" (SplashPhoto)
  • 2004 Handango Champion Awards: Finalist "Best Productivity Application"
  • 2004 Handango Champion Awards: Winner "Best Lifestyle Application"(SplashPhoto)
  • 2004 PalmGear.com Voter's Choice: "Best Image/Photo Software" (SplashPhoto)
  • 2002 Handango Champion Awards: Winner "Best Productivity Application"


  • "One of the best purchases I have made is the SplashWallet Suite. I use SplashID to keep track of all my personal information, and it is locked tight from prying eyes. I stopped carrying family photos around, and now I use SplashPhoto to display pictures of my kids in a slideshow. A picture is worth a thousand words! SplashShopper keeps tracks of the books, CDs and movies I want to buy and even handles my weekly grocery-shopping list." – Cindy A.
  • "I found the SplashWallet Suite to be extremely useful and easy to use and implement. It also has a clean and uncluttered appearance which actually understates its overall usefulness." – User from Reno, NV
  •

Supported Palm OS devices:

  • Palm Centro
  • Treo 600, 650, 680, 700p, 755p
  • Palm TX, LifeDrive
  • Palm Tungsten T, T2, E, E2, C, W, T3, T5
  • Palm Zire, Zire 71, Zire 72, Z22
  • Palm m500, m505, m515
  • Palm m100, m105, m125, m130
  • Garmin iQue 3200, 3600
  • Sony CLIE NX Series
  • Sony CLIE NR Series
  • Sony CLIE UX Series
  • Sony CLIE TG Series
  • Sony CLIE SL Series
  • Sony CLIE T Series
  • Sony CLIE SJ Series
  • Sony CLIE NZ Series
  • Sony CLIE N Series

60-day money back guarantee

Supported Platforms

Palm Powered Solution

> Palm OS 4.0 or later, such as Treo 600, Treo 650, Treo 680, Treo 700p, Treo 755p and Centro

Included Desktop


> Windows ME, NT4, 2000, XP, Vista or Windows 7

Mac OS

> Mac OS 10.4 or later

Handheld Memory Requirements

> SplashID - 500k for the application and about 20k for the data
> SplashMoney - 340k for the application and 20k for the data
> SplashPhoto - 230k for the application and about 25k per image; 16-bit color
> SplashShopper - 300k for the application and about 20k for the data


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