Productivity Suite for Mobile Devices, Windows & Mac OS

Download the trial / full version:

SplashWallet for Palm OS (Win v. 7.16 Mac v. 7.15)
See what's new in this version - Backup Your Data!



Other versions available:

If you want SplashWallet Suite 6, before the SplashID 4 $10 upgrade: Windows v.6.1 | Mac OS v.6.1
If you want SplashWallet Suite 5, before the SplashMoney 4 $10 upgrade: SplashWallet 5.2 for Windows

SplashWallet 5.2 for Mac OS
If you want SplashWallet Suite 4, before the SplashID 3 $10 upgrade: SplashWallet 4.11 for Windows

SplashWallet 4.11 for Mac OS
If your device is grayscale or less than Palm OS 4.0, or if you run Mac OS 8.6 - 9.2, you should download SplashWallet 3.22: SplashWallet 3.22 for Windows

SplashWallet 3.22 for Mac OS
If you do not want to install the desktop applications: SplashWallet PRCs
Tungsten T3 users ONLY, install this also: T3 DIA Compatibility PRCs

30-day Trial and Registered versions are the same
SplashMoney will run for 30-days in full-functioning Trial mode. The Trial software and Registered software are identical. Once the trial period ends you must purchase a registration code to continue using the software. You do not need to re-install the software. Simply enter the registration code and your Trial version will be converted into a Registered version. 

Upgrade to SplashWallet 7:

If you are a registered user of a previous version (6.1 or earlier) of SplashWallet, you are eligible to upgrade for only $9.95: Upgrade

To see what versions are included in each version of SplashWallet, click here.

Download Instructions

  1. Click the Download button for the product installer (Windows or Macintosh) you wish to download.
  2. When prompted with the "File Download" dialog box, select "Save this program to disk" and save it in a place you are sure to remember, like your Desktop.
  3. After the file has finished downloading, launch the Installer from your desktop and follow the onscreen instructions.
  4. After the installation is complete, you will need to perform a HotSync to install the software on your handheld.
  5. After completing the installation on your handheld, you may delete the installer file on
    your desktop that you downloaded in step 2.

Upgrade Instructions
If you have an earlier version of the software installed, you may update to the current version by downloading and running the latest installer. If you are upgrading to version 7, the upgrade costs $9.95. You can try it free for 30 days, and if you decide to upgrade, you purchase it here.

Backup your data Warning! Your existing data should be automatically imported into SplashMoney 4.x and SplashID 4.x without a problem, but as an added precaution, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND you backup your data so you can revert if you have any problems or do not wish to pay for the upgrade.

Backup SplashID data to vID

  1. Open the SplashID Desktop and display all records by choosing All Categories from the Cateogy pull-down menu.
  2. Click Export > SplashID vID from the File menu.
  3. Save the vID file someplace safe, like your My Documents folder.

Backup SplashMoney data to QIF

  1. Select "Export transactions to QIF" in the SplashMoney Conduit. This option will automatically export transactions from each of your SplashMoney accounts to a QIF file, which can then be manually imported into Quicken, or restored to SplashMoney. Make sure you deselect "New transactions only" so that all transactions are exported.
  2. You can specify a location where QIF files from SplashMoney will be stored. The default location is C:\My Documents\SplashMoney\From Palm; however, you can change the location by clicking the Browse button, if desired. (Mac location: SplashMoney/From Palm.)
  3. HotSync your device. SplashMoney will transfer all transactions from SplashMoney to the desktop.
  4. Find the folder that your data exported to and make sure the QIF files are in there. Then copy or move them to a safe location someplace else. Otherwise, the conduit will overwrite them with SplashMoney 4 data if you use the SplashMoney 4 conduit.

System Requirements

Palm Powered Solution

> Palm OS 4.0 or later



> Windows 7, Vista, XP

> Mac OS 10.4 or later
> Only the Palm OS version has Mac OS desktop companion software. Windows Mobile versions are not compatible with Mac versions.

Handheld Memory Requirements

> SplashID - 220k for the application and about 20k for the data
> SplashMoney - 340k for the application and 20k for the data
> SplashPhoto - 230k for the application and about 25k per image; 16-bit color
> SplashShopper - 300k for the application and about 20k for the data


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