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SplashData Ships SplashPhoto™ for Palm OS

High Quality Color and Gray-Scale Image Viewer for Palm OS Handhelds

Seattle, WA - March 2, 2001 - SplashData, Inc. today shipped SplashPhoto, an image viewer for Palm OS handhelds that allows users to view digital images while on the go. SplashPhoto displays stunning quality color and gray-scale images, which can be viewed as thumbnails, individually or in a slide show, on all handhelds running Palm OS 3.1 or later. SplashPhoto is ideal for both consumer and business use to view images of friends, family, real estate, medical or product shots.

Images are uploaded to the Palm using the included SplashPhoto Desktop software for Macintosh and Windows. Once uploaded to the Palm, images can be annotated and categorized, and beamed to other Palm OS handhelds. A Palm with 1MB of free memory can hold approximately 50 color or 80 gray-scale images.

"Digital photo sharing has become mainstream with the proliferation of low-cost digital cameras and photo-sharing web sites," said John Chaffee, President of SplashData. "SplashPhoto combines the convenience of online photo-sharing with the portability of traditional analog photos, enabling users to share digital images without being tied to a desktop computer."

Pricing and Availability
SplashPhoto is available now for $19.95 direct from SplashData at www.splashdata.com; and from leading online resellers including Handango, www.handango.com, and PalmGear, www.palmgear.com.

System Requirements
SplashPhoto supports all handhelds running Palm OS 3.1 or later, including the Palm IIIe, IIIxe, IIIc, V, Vx, VII, VIIx and m100; Handspring Visor, Deluxe, Platinum and Prism; and Sony Cli¯. SplashPhoto Desktop, the companion software for uploading images, is available now for Windows 95, 98, NT4, 2000 and ME. The Mac version will ship shortly and supports Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X.

About SplashData
SplashData is a leading developer of personal productivity and entertainment applications for Palm OS handhelds. SplashData's products extend beyond traditional electronic organizer applications to everyday tools that enable a truly mobile digital lifestyle. SplashData has a broad line of products under development and is well positioned to play a leadership role in the emerging mobile applications market. Founded in 2000, SplashData is privately held and based in Seattle, WA. For more information please visit http://www.splashdata.com, or call SplashData at (206) 780-9184.


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