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SplashData’s SplashPhoto 4.0 Now Available for Sony Ericsson P800/P900 Smartphones and Pocket PC PDAs
SplashPhoto now enables users to create and manage electronic photo albums on their Sony Ericsson P800/P900 and Pocket PC devices, as well as Palm OS handhelds

SEATTLE (Oct. 2, 2003) - - SplashData, Inc., the leading developer of “virtual wallet” applications for mobile devices, announces the launch of SplashPhoto 4.0 for Pocket PC PDAs and Sony Ericsson P800/P900 smartphones—a port of their best-selling image viewer for Palm OS handhelds. The company also announces SplashPhoto Desktop, the complimentary desktop and synchronization software that enables users to manage and synchronize their image libraries with a Windows PC.

Industry executives have expressed enthusiasm for the release of SplashPhoto 4.0 on multiple platforms:

“SplashData is a success story in the mobile space, proving that well designed applications will open up markets and drive great sales,” said Laura Rippy, CEO of Handango, the top online resource for handheld computing software. “We expect to see them extend their record of success now that they are offering versions of their products on other platforms.”

“We are looking forward to more applications from SplashData, and believe that SplashPhoto will become very successful in the Sony Ericsson Application Shop,” said Ulf Wretling, Director of Sony Ericsson’s Developer Program. “SplashPhoto is an excellent choice for P800/P900 users, enabling them to edit and organize digital photos on their desktop PC then synchronize and display those photos on their P800/P900.”

"SplashPhoto is a well designed and nicely integrated image viewer that Symbian OS-based smartphone users can now take advantage of,” said Phil Spencer, Global Manager, Affiliate Partner Program at Symbian. "We are pleased to have SplashData join the Symbian Affiliate Partner Program and bring with them their long-standing experience of developing successful applications for mobile devices."

SplashPhoto, recently named “Best Image Viewer” by the editorial staff of Handheld Computing Magazine, and winner of the Handango Champion Award for “Best Lifestyle Application,” offers a fast, easy-to-use image viewer for handhelds and smartphones. Version 4.0 includes a desktop catalog feature with two-way synchronization, offering the easiest means of managing photos on a desktop PC and handheld device. Its one-of-a-kind desktop application now enables users to organize image collections into personalized categories and, upon synchronization, the images are arranged accordingly on the handheld. There is no limit to the number of personalized categories that users can create.

While other image viewers allow users to view pictures on a device in their original size (many of which are upwards of 1 MB), SplashPhoto enables users to crop images on the desktop, then format and compress them for optimal viewing on the handheld’s screen. As a result, SplashPhoto users are able to store hundreds of images on their devices rather than only having the capacity for storing a few.

SplashPhoto 4.0 makes it easier than ever to share photos with friends and family members. First, all images are stored as JPG files, simplifying the process of sharing pictures with people using other operating systems. Secondly, images can be transferred via Bluetooth, infrared or e-mail between different types of devices, including handhelds, smartphones, laptops and other devices.

SplashPhoto 4.0 features include:

SplashPhoto 4.0 is available for $29.95 at www.splashdata.com.

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