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SplashData’s SplashBlog Now Enables “Photoblogging”
on Windows Mobile, Symbian and Palm OS Smartphones

SplashData introduces free photo sharing software for all leading mobile platforms

San Francisco (CTIA Wireless IT and Entertainment Exposition) September 27, 2005 – SplashData, Inc., the leading developer of “virtual wallet” applications for mobile devices, announced that its award winning SplashBlog photoblogging solution is now available for additional mobile devices—Windows Mobile and Symbian Series 60 and UIQ. Also, new features have been added to the existing Palm OS version and web photo-hosting service. Further, the company is announcing a new business model for SplashBlog that will enable anybody to start and maintain a photoblog of up to 500 images at absolutely no cost.

For the first time, users of Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC and Smartphone handhelds, plus Symbian Series 60 and UIQ wireless devices from manufacturers like Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Motorola, HP, i-mate and others, will be able to instantly publish photos to a “photoblog” for friends and family members to see. Users will also be able to subscribe to group photoblogs to share photos on their handhelds with their friends.

SplashData will be demonstrating the new versions of SplashBlog at the CTIA Wireless IT and Entertainment Exposition from September 27 – 29 in the Nokia, Palm and Handango booths.

The process of “blogging,” maintaining a personal journal on the Internet that is frequently updated, has been steadily growing in popularity. SplashBlog adds an entirely new element to blogging—instantly publishing a photo diary from a wireless device. SplashBlog users can snap photos of vacations, newborns, and other momentous occasions, and wirelessly publish those pictures to their personal photoblogs within seconds for friends and family scattered throughout the world to enjoy.

SplashBlog streamlines the process of mobile photoblogging, allowing users to capture an image and publish it to an online photoblog in as little as two clicks. SplashBlog includes everything users need to publish their photos online, including free software for the mobile device and a free online photoblog account at SplashBlog.com. Users who publish more than 500 pictures can subscribe for additional hosting space at SplashBlog.com for $29.95 per year.

New features in SplashBlog include the ability to maintain multiple SplashBlogs from the same account—for those who may want to set up different photoblogs to suit different audiences, such as personal and business associates. And each photoblog can be configured with different access privileges enabling users to require a password to view the photoblog, or the ability to allow some or all users to post photos to a shared group blog.

A vital ingredient to blogging that has made it a global phenomenon is the ability to add personal comments to an original post, fostering a spirit of community and even controversy as differing views are expressed. The new version of SplashBlog follows in this tradition by allowing visitors to post their own comments about each published image. Comments can either be posted on the Web by visitors using a PC, or from a wireless device using SplashBlog. The user experience for reading and replying to comments using SplashBlog on a wireless device is similar to that of an instant messaging client and provides a whole new level of wireless communication with pictures and words.

While SplashData has greatly expanded both the feature-set and potential number of SplashBloggers by adding versions for Windows Mobile and Symbian OS devices, it has also made it possible for wireless device users to start and maintain online photoblogs with no out-of-pocket expenses at all. Anybody can create and maintain a SplashBlog of up to 500 images for free. Those who want to store more than 500 images at SplashBlog.com can purchase a subscription for unlimited photo hosting for $29.95 per year.

“The beauty of SplashBlog is the immediacy in which users can capture, organize and share photos, which is made possible by the tight integration between the SplashBlog handheld software and the online photo sharing site, SplashBlog.com. SplashBlog has changed the way people share photos by eliminating the hassle out of creating and maintaining an online photo album,” said John Chaffee, president of SplashData. “We believe that as camera phone image quality continues to improve and the wireless networks continue to get faster and more affordable, SplashBlog will become the primary way users capture, organize and share photos.”

Availability and System Requirements
SplashBlog is available now for handhelds with wireless connectivity running the following operation systems:

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