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StarStarStarStarStar Handango January 16, 2009 by Eileen from PA
Couldn't Keep My Money Straight WIthout It
I've used the SplashWallet through Palm, Windows Mobile, and now Blackberry. The product is better organized and more user-friendly than anything else I've tried. The support through both Handango and SplashData has been great - I've aksed quite a few questions and had them all answered in a timley fashion.

CrackBerry.com Review by Ryan Blundell, July 2008
You can bet your bottom dollar that SplashMoney will help you reach financial freedom and manage your money... As I find myself learning visually with ease, the pie charts bring my finances to life. As you find your dollar needing to stretch more, SplashMoney will help it go just a bit further.

StarStarStarStarStar Handango April 22, 2008 by Summer from Hurst, TX
Handango Staff Review
Does exactly what I need it to do - keep all my account balances on my device where I can easily access them and update them. Looks great on the Treo 700p.

StarStarStarStarStar Handango April 15, 2008 by a user from Elon, NC
Great product & great support
I had been using SplashSuite including SplashMoney for a couple of months when my bank changed its server settings without notice. When I contacted SplashData's support team, they quickly resolved the problem and kept in touch with me while things were fixed. I am impressed with their customer support. SplashMoney is an extremely useful tool to check your finances on-the-go. I highly recommend it!

StarStarStarStarStar Handango November 12, 2007 by a user from Irwin, PA
Easy to use and powerful!
I was looking for a way to monitor our spending. It had to be simple to use, but offer alot of functionality. SplashMoney was the perfect fit! The software is very easy to use - there is a good manual with it, but I didn't really need it to get up and running. I can track multiple accounts, and reconciling with the bank statements was so easy! I can export data to excel or other financial software packages. And SplashMoney allows me to assign a category to each transaction as I enter it, so my budget analysis almost does itself. You can spend more or less money for expense-tracking software, but you wont find anything that's easier to use and as powerful as SplashMoney! Well done, SplashData!!!

StarStarStarStarStar Handango December 19, 2006 by Leimomi from Spokane, WA
Best Money I've Spent...
I bought the SplashShopper..LOVED IT!! So decided to fork out the money for the SplashMoney too....WOW!! So easy to individualize & use!!! I will use both programs to their maximum capabilities!!!

Palm AddictPalm Addict Review - December 2005
SplashMoney is an application that will allow you to maximize your handheld and help you keep accurate financial records. This isn’t some stripped down application and desktop companion. This is a full featured financial manager.

BargainPDA.com Review April 28, 2005 - Antoine Wright
If you are new to PDAs or looking for another way to use the wireless abilities of your PDA, Splash Money will certainly pay for itself to be the top of your account book as well.

Geek.com Review April 15, 2005 - palmsolo
I can now quickly track my checking, savings, and credit card accounts and even plot out where the money is going--right on my device.

Customer Comment, sent to Support by John Hastings
I tried quicken and pocket quicken, i tried microsoft money... They all suck. Your software is awesome. Thank god somebody invented money managment software that works, without distracting web ads floating across the page dancing up and down like a jack russell terrier. It's easy to use, and I love it. I will tell everyone I know about splash money, because it is simply the best. Thank you.

PalmGear Apr 6, 2005 by Jack de Raismes
Simple and efficient!
I work from two locations. It has always been a problem keeping finances in sync between the palm pilot that is always with me, and the desktop that is anchored at home. I can do everything I want to do with SplashMoney loaded on my desktop and on my palm pilot. Today I turned off Quicken. Quicken gave me more than I needed on the desktop but the sync operation to most of the applications on the palm was too complex to be useful. SplashMoney on my desktop and on my Tungsten E is just what I needed to keep things in sync.

Handango March 29, 2005 by Chris from New York, NY
Perfect for a college student
Being a typical college student i was so disorganized and had no idea where my money was going. Trying to be more organized i got this little program and now know where every penny goes. I have an immediate bank balance faster then my online banking. It also showed me how much i spent a month on beer which inspired me to set limits.

Handango January 29, 2005 by a reviewer from London, UK
One of the strongest Palm apps
Easy to use yet powerful. Extremely good user interface and capable synchronisation with Quicken, including for split transactions and so on. Data entry is so quick and simple that even when at home I now use my Palm in preference to my PC. Is also fuller featured than some competing products, and can work as an independent application in its own right if you don't want to use Quicken or MS Money to archive old data. I tested another product that I thought would be better for my use, before choosing SplashMoney instead. To my surprise, an area SplashMoney scored better than its rival is that it handles the fact that I have more than one
Quicken file (personal and business) better.

Handango January 19, 2005 by Pamela Basset from Chino Valley, AZ
I cannot live without this software!
Easy to use program designed for our fast paced lifestyle! I know exactly what needs paid and when, also able to keep track of savings, bonds, checking, etc... - at a glance. Great way to stay organized, highly recommend.

Handango January 19, 2005 by Tapio from Finland
Great product
I thought [another app] was the best but I was wrong. SplashMoney is user friendly and easy to modify to fill your needs. You can even reinstall the account-databases if something went wrong, like I did. :( Great and fast customer support.

PalmGear January 7, 2004 by Kristin Elder
I love this software. I've tried to use Quicken on my desktop in the past, but I could never keep up with it. If you just want to keep track of your accounts and see where you're spending your money, this program is extremely simple to learn and use.

I find it much easier to simply enter my transactions (checking, credit card usage, etc.) as they occur, and doing so with my Palm is very convenient and quick.

I absolutely love it that I can create multiple accounts (checking, savings, visa--I even created an account to track how I spend cash), and when I run a report to see where my money went this month, it combines all of the information from all of the accounts.

I also love being able to see at a glance how much money is in the bank, and what my credit card balance is. Having this information with me all the time (my palm is kept in my purse) means I view it frequently. I also frequently review where my money is being spent and it has *really* helped me to cut back on impulsive purchases.

The one thing I would add? Some kind of feature to help track a savings goal. Otherwise, this is the most-used application on my palm after the calendar and well worth the money.

Handango January 6, 2005 by Joe from Riverside, CA
Just what I was looking for
It was just what I was looking for and more to manage my money. Well worth the price.

PalmGear December 23, 2004 by Mike Olson
Overall an excellent program. In fact it is the only one, I found, that consistently works (unlike most of the others)…..and with little effort the 1st time.

I would like to see the vendor add a few things: 1) direct syncing with Quicken, 2) allow for storing data on a SD card 3) Full data export function.

Handango October 20, 2004 by Robert Chitoiu from Ann Arbor, MI
Couldn't live without it!!
It's incredibly easy to use. Very handy. Mobile way to keep track of your expenses. Defiantly worth its price.

Handango February 29, 2004 by Lorenzo from San Agustin, CA
In flying colors!!
This product is SUPER! All thumbs UP! I have a sony clie and did not use it for 1 year but after trying this product which is unbelievably SO easy to use, I've always use my PDA since then to handle my day to day financials. This is a "well thought of" personal financial software. I am extremely satisfied. It's really worth it.

Handango February 17, 2004 by John Gruener from Martinez, CA
Elegant, well thought out, great as stand-alone money management tool.
This is a very well put together product. It does most things you would want a financial management tool to do--and way above the call of duty for a PDA product. I keep track of almost 10 different accounts and it is so nice to be able to know the balances of multiple accounts with a couple taps of a stylus. On top of that it has some built in budgeting and reporting capabilities. Really nice touches are being able to choose columns displayed for an account as well as colors--and these preferences are unique for each account for added flexibility. Column width is adjustable as well with these settings also unique to each account. This product helps increase my peace of mind with respect to finances in a very elegant package. I looked at many different money management apps for Palm OS and SplashMoney provided the best blend of features and usability. Thank you SplashData!

Handango February 9, 2004 by A reviewer from Worcester
I have downloaded so many money management aids for my Palm Zire 71, but this one is the best. It's fantastic. If you have regular money going in every month, it will remember the amount so you don't have to keep thinking how much has gone in. I would HIGHLY recommend it to anybody. Well done Splash.

Handango February 9, 2004 by Khalid Nazim from Dubai, UAE
Fantastic! Perfect for managing personal finances!!

I have started using Splash Money a week ago and am bowled over by what it can do. It does exactly what I wanted a personal finance managing software should do. I have started using my Visor Platinum again after having shelved it for nearly a year. I am now thinking of buying some
other products in the same family and am also thinking of using Splash Money as a Project Finance Management tool in my Job. Finally, my sincere thanks to the designers/developers of this application.

Handango January 22, 2004 by A reviewer from Texas
I am very impressed with Splash Money. It really helps me keep track of everything that is going on with my financials. I will purchase products form Splash Data in the future and would recommend this product to anyone looking to get organized.

PalmGear January 4, 2004 by Juan Carlos Martín Martín
Excelente aplicación para llevar las finanzas domésticas. Sencillo de usar, elegante de diseño, y muy funcional. Aplicación muy recomendable para comprar.

Handango December 23, 2003 by krystal from Tampa, FL
I am so happy the trial version I purchased the registration code 
I purchased the treo 90 about 6 weeks ago and immediately wanted to find a budget tracking software program. The expense program it came with was more for business and did not cover the expenses i needed it to cover personally. I downloaded a couple of free ware items that did not allow me to create categories or to make the software my own. When I went to the web page to see what the treo 90 software links were i found nothing but positive reviews. i even went to other sites to read comments about splash money and i decided to give it a whirl. heck, 30 days free. after the first 2 weeks i loved it. it was easy to set up and create my budget in. i have not taken advantage of linking it to quicken because i carry this budget everywhere and quicken is only on my desktop. i would reccommend this to anyone who wants to be able to track where their money goes.

PalmGear September 16, 2003 by The Jackal
I love Splashmoney. As a student I used it both at college as well as abroad. It helps me keep track of my expenses and lets me see where I am spending money. I love synching it with Quicken. This program is definitely worth the money.

Handango June 18, 2003 by a Reviewer from Mesa, AZ
Awesome Application 
I love this program. I can now get access within seconds to any of my account balances, right down to the penny. I like the budgeting tool. It helps me see where I need to cut back. Well worth the money, and very easy to use.

Handango June 1, 2003 by Randy Williams from West Chicago, IL
Great software and easy to use.  
I downloaded the trial version of SplashMoney and another popular account managing software. I will definitely register SplashMoney. It has all the features that make it easy and a pleasure to use, I especially like the budgeting capabilities. This software has a great interface with custom colors and adjustable column width. Great job!

Handango May 21, 2003 by Ed Whalen from Garden Grove, CA
Everything promised and I need + more!   
Ever since buying my PDA I have been thinking and hoping for a program to come along like this one. I have not made any reports from my data yet all other basic tools works great. The memory feature and flexibility are great!

Handango May 6, 2003 by Jon from Philadelphia, PA
Fast, easy, and many options for power users   
I just purchased this product after the trial expired and must say that I am very pleased. Its versatility and ease of use make it a very functional tool that does not take much time to master. I use this in conjunction with Quicken 2002 and it works perfectly, and am glad to know that it would work with Microsoft Money as well. (note to Quicken users: Quicken often tries to "match" similar transactions, which has nothing to do with SplashMoney, so make sure you hit the "unmatch" button before accepting transactions if the transaction is not the same)

PalmGear May 2, 2003 by Marty Ankenbauer
I am a CPA and CFO, so I work with numbers and financial programs all day-this is the best palm money manager I have seen or used-worth every penny! Buy it today and throw away your paper checkbook!

Handango Apr. 5, 2003 by a reviewer from Jalisco, Mexico
This is the best personal financial application that I ever seen  
This program provide an easy data introduction, and it is intuitive. I reccommend this product to everyone that wants to track personal financial data as expenses, bank accounts control, etc. You can customize as you need. A have been used for a while and I really like it.

PalmGear Feb. 21, 2003 by Andy Bradford
Great little program ... simple to use. The added hi-res capability makes this product really stand out. And now with 2.8 -recurring tasks. Brilliant.

PalmGear Feb. 3, 2003 by Calvin Chue
This is the best money program bar none. I've used it for the past few years and just when I think it can't get any better, it does! This latest version supporting hi-res and the D-pad on the Tungsten make it a winner.

Handango Jan. 22, 2003 by smmathews from NYC
User friendly. Enough detail.
A former Money Tender user, I mostly switched because of the ability to sync to the desktop. When Money Tender crashed I lost everything. SplashMoney is very versatile. I only wish some of the great reports it creates could be synced to the desktop.

PalmGear Jan. 27, 2003 by Frank DeRosa Jr.
SplashMoney is a very good and stable app. A simple desktop companion would be nice, if you don't have Quicken or Microsoft Money.

Handango Jan. 21, 2003 by Osvaldo Rodriguez Contreras from Queretaro, MX
One of the best
Easy, Fast and very useful.

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