SplashData Announces SplashPhoto 3.5 for Palm OS5

Leading Image Viewer Accelerated for Palm OS5 ARM-Based Handhelds

Seattle, WA - Oct. 29, 2002 - SplashData, Inc., the leading developer of virtual wallet applications for Palm OS handhelds, today announced a significant upgrade to SplashPhoto, its best-selling image viewer for Palm OS handhelds. SplashPhoto 3.5 has been optimized for Palm OS5/ARM-based handhelds and includes several other enhancements for viewing, organizing and sharing JPEG images. The new version is available now for $19.95.

SplashPhoto is a fast, easy to use, high quality image viewer for Palm OS handhelds, awarded †Best Image Viewerî by Handheld Computing Magazine. SplashPhoto supports virtually all color and grayscale Palm OS handhelds from Palm, Handspring, Sony, Kyocera, Samsung and others. The new version of SplashPhoto has been designed specifically to take advantage of the high-resolution screen and fast ARM processor found in new Palm OS5 devices, including the recently introduced Palm Tungsten-T and Sony Clie NX70.

Palm OS5/ARM support
SplashPhoto 3.5 takes advantage of the faster speed of the ARM processor by incorporating ARMlets, ARM native code that enables much faster processing of certain functions like decoding and displaying JPEG images. The resulting software runs approximately 15 times faster than competitive image viewers. On a Palm OS5/ARM-based handheld, SplashPhoto can display a hi-res 320x320 JPEG image in 1 second versus an average of 15 seconds for competitive products. SplashPhoto is the only Palm OS image viewer available today that has been developed to take specific advantage of the ARM processor for processor intensive tasks such as JPEG decoding.

"We are thrilled with the significant performance increase we have achieved by developing SplashPhoto specifically for Palm OS5 and the ARM processor," said John Chaffee, President of SplashData. "When we developed native ARM-processor support in SplashPhoto, we did it with the expectation that the ARM processor would provide the necessary power to allow for a fast, pleasurable user experience. We werenįt disappointed - SplashPhoto 3.5 absolutely screams on the new Palm OS5 ARM-based handhelds! With SplashPhotoįs support for virtually all Palm OS handheld models, high resolution displays, JPEG viewing, and VFS external memory cards, it is the natural choice for any handheld user who is looking for a fast, easy to use, high quality image viewer at an affordable price."

SplashPhoto SDK
SplashData has released a software developerįs kit for third-party developers who wish to display images from within their Palm OS application. The SDK allows developers to call SplashPhoto from within their host application to display an image and then return control back to the host application. Developers interested in the SDK can contact SplashData at SDK@splashdata.com.

New Features in SplashPhoto 3.5

  • Accelerated for Palm OS5/ARM-based handhelds.

  • Support for Palm OS5 high-resolution (320x320) displays.

  • SplashPhoto Desktop (for Windows and Macintosh) can now install cropped JPEGs on the handheld, as well as PDBs.

  • JPEG images installed on the device now have cached thumbnails, resulting in much faster thumbnail views.

  • JPEG images on the handheld can be edited, just like PDBs, with categories and notes and be marked as Private.

  • JPEG images can be beamed to other handhelds running SplashPhoto.

  • JPEG images are decoded in the background when viewing a slideshow.

  • Hi-Res thumbnails are displayed on hi-res devices.

  • PDB images are now compressed, resulting in about a 20% file size reduction.

  • Third-party Software Developerįs Kit (SDK).

  • And more

Pricing and Availability
SplashPhoto is available now for $19.95. Upgrades are free for registered users. SplashPhoto may also be purchased in a bundle as part of the SplashWallet Suite, which includes SplashID, SplashMoney, SplashPhoto and SplashShopper for $39.95 (a 50% discount). The products may be purchased direct from SplashData at http://www.splashdata.com. Free 30-day trial versions are also available for download.

System Requirements
SplashPhoto supports all handheld models running Palm OS 3.1 or later including Palm, Handspring, Sony, HandEra, Kyocera, Samsung and Symbol. SplashPhoto Desktop, the desktop software that enhances and installs images to the handheld, supports Windows 95, 98, ME, NT4, 2000 and XP; or Mac OS 9 and X.

About SplashData
SplashData is the leading developer of virtual wallet applications for Palm OS handhelds. SplashDataįs applications provide all the functions of a traditional wallet in digital form, enabling a truly mobile digital lifestyle. SplashData's top quality products and experienced management team are playing a leadership role in the emerging mobile applications market. Founded in 2000, SplashData is privately held and based in Seattle, WA. For more information please visit http://www.splashdata.com, or call SplashData at (206) 780-9184.

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