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Release Notes for iPhone

SplashMoney 4.9.1 for Windows - October 4, 2012

  • Fixed a problem with the corruption of Payees, Types, and Categories when upgrading from an older verison toi 4.9.

SplashMoney 4.9.1 for iPhone - August 31, 2012

  • Fixes crash on editing parent category
  • Fixes crash on downloading currencies

SplashMoney 4.9 for iPhone - July 14, 2012

  • Online banking bank list server rebuilt and moved to a more reliable system.
  • OFX 2.0 support - support for more banks!
  • Updated graphics added including Retina support.
  • Crashing upon opening reports is fixed.
  • Now you can enter a Client UID in online banking setup for banks that require this authentication key.

SplashMoney 4.9 for Mac & Windows - July 2, 2012

  • Online banking bank list server rebuilt and moved to a more reliable system.
  • OFX 2.0 support - support for more banks!
  • Updated graphics added including Retina support.
  • Now you can enter a Client UID in online banking setup for banks that require this authentication key.
  • Mac - Crash on Lion after Wi-Fi sync is fixed.
  • Mac - "Rs" currency symbol showing up in reports is fixed.

SplashMoney 4.7.3 for iPhone - December 13, 2011

  • Support for iOS 5

SplashMoney 4.7.2 for iPhone - December 10, 2009

  • Changed to a new server for currency data

SplashMoney 4.7.1 for iPhone and Windows - September 27, 2009

  • Fixed the crash with online banking with BECU
  • Fixed the problem with editing categories on the iPhone

SplashMoney 4.7.1 for Mac OS - September 15, 2009

  • Compatibility fix for Snow Leopard
  • Fixes the Check for Updates system

SplashMoney 4.7 - July 30, 2009

**Note** You need to update the SplashMoney Desktop to Version 4.7 to sync with version 4.7 on the iPhone.

Bug Fixes:

  • iPhone
    • Voided transactions no longer show up in reports or balance calculation
    • Reconciled transactions now count towared cleared balance
    • Matching counter for downloaded transactions fixed
    • Transfer transaction links are protected now
  • Mac
    • Reconcile screen issues fixed
    • Default sync setting no longer sticks to current setting
    • Printing now works in reports with custom date ranges
  • Windows
    • Sync logic enhanced on Windows - Penny discrepancy issue fixed!

New Features:

  • Updated icon picker graphics
  • Single screen editing in Edit dialog - less "drilling down"
  • Lookup tool added to Payee dialog. To add a new payee, just hit Done in the search box
  • New payee is auto-selected and you return to the edit dialog
  • Amount field has a number pad
  • Online balance - separate from local balance, so you can keep your local balance accurate and still check on the online balance separately. Tap the balance button to change.
  • Now you can enter negative values in split transactions
  • Transfer transactions are now imported from QIFs
  • You can now enter an IP address manually to sync with a desktop computer, useful if you are having trouble discovering the desktop. Look in SplashMoney > iPhone Sync to find your desktop IP address.

SplashMoney 4.6.1 for iPhone - January 28, 2008

  • This fixes a problem with the currency list that was causing corruption and problems synchronizing with the desktop.

SplashMoney 4.6.2 for Mac OS - January 26, 2008

  • This fixes a problem with the currency list that was causing corruption and problems synhcronizing with the handheld. If you are having the hanging sync issue, or a crashing iPhone application issue, install this update and set the iPhone Sync (found in the File menu) to desktop overwrites handheld for the next sync.

SplashMoney 4.6.1 for Mac OS - December 26, 2008

  • This fixes the problem that Japanese users were having with the registration dialog. No other changes.

SplashMoney 4.6 - December 18, 2008

  • New Payee Lookup tool added by popular demand - filter search the payee list or jump/scroll to a given letter in the list
  • Splits in Scheduled Transactions are now supported in Mac and iPhone versions, and thereby allowing sync of the existing Windows feature
  • New (FASTER) currency server implemented with additional currencies - HUF, ILS, TRY, RON, GTQ, AED, SAR, JOD, IQD, TND
  • Support for localized date format in several locations
  • Upcoming Transactions that are "Due" are now properly displayed
  • Reports - drill-down reports are now properly sorted by date
  • Numerous minor UI enhancements requested by users
  • Improved overall stability
  • The desktop companion software has also been updated

SplashMoney 4.5.1 for iPhone/iPod touch - November 9, 2008

  • Fixes the infamous crash on sync issue
  • Fixes a bug where Split items don't actually delete
  • Fixes the issue with the Total amount, which previously could not display 6-digit amount for some currency symbols like AU$. Made to display minimum 6 digits for all currency symbols by decreasing the size
  • Fixes the bug where Scheduled transactions were being counted in Reports before they record

SplashMoney 4.5 - October 26, 2008

  • Handheld Application
    • Updated 2-line record list display
    • Optimized database loading so it loads twice as fast
    • Added transaction matching tool for downloaded bank data
    • Email Transaction Details
    • Sync button on toolbar in Home screen
    • Tap the Status checkbox to change a transaction from uncleared to cleared
    • Last sync info added to Sync dialog
    • Number of transactions reported in Account Info dialog
    • Color coded balance options
    • All reported bugs fixed
  • Desktop Application
    • Better sync progress indication
    • Default sync option added to sync preferences dialog
    • Support for many international alphabets - accented characters
    • Check for Updates feature added
    • All reported bugs fixed

SplashMoney 4.03 for iPhone - August 20, 2008

  • [New] Currencies added - PLN, ARS, IDR
  • [New] Amount can be entered directly in first Edit Amount screen
  • [New] Reports total now displays more characters
  • [Changed] Amount column is smaller and more dynamic
  • [Changed] Budget amount defaults to negative value
  • [Improved] Performance, stability, and sync logic
  • [Desktop] Download the updated desktop from splashdata.com for numerous fixes
  • [Fixed] Category transfers don't work with scheduled transactions
  • [Fixed] Reports - Unassigned transactions are disappearing without change
  • [Fixed] Running balance is incorrect
  • [Fixed] Same category name, different parents bug
  • [Fixed] Deleting account crashes iPhone app
  • [Fixed] Deleted accounts on iPhone are coming back on sync
  • [Fixed] Transfer splits not synching properly
  • [Fixed] Scheduled transactions recording the wrong date
  • [Fixed] Scheduled transactions not synching
  • [Fixed] Transfers are unclearing each other
  • [Fixed] Deleted accounts are still showing up in Category list
  • [Fixed] User added transaction types not synchronizing correctly on new transactions
  • [Fixed] Transfers switching from positive to negative after exit
  • [Fixed] Issue with clearing the Memo field

SplashMoney 4.03.1 - August 10, 2008

  • Windows Only - fixed:
    • Sync would hang if an account name contained an apostrophe (possibly other symbolic characters as well)

SplashMoney 4.03 - August 8, 2008 - Desktop Release Only; handheld coming soon

  • Mac OS - fixed:
    • Slow sync issue on Power PC processors!
    • After selecting prefs and clicking the close button (not OK or cancel) menu items remain
    • Crash on importing QIF
    • Failure to close edit dialog changing category on filtered transactions
    • Extra decimal at the start of the beginning balance
    • Rupees showing up in various places
    • Split transaction syncing problem with iPhone
  • Windows - fixed:
    • Date is wrong on transactions synchronized from handheld
    • Icons need to be updated to match iPhone

SplashMoney 4.02 - July 28, 2008

  • First desktop release for Mac OS (10.4.11 or later)
  • First desktop release for Windows (XP and Vista)

SplashMoney 4.02 - July 24, 2008 - Handheld Application

  • Improved stability and performance
  • Support for sync with upcoming destkop application
  • Better error reporting

SplashMoney 4.01 - July 11, 2008

  • First release for iPhone and iPod touch



> iOS OS 3.2 or later recommended



> Windows 7, Vista or XP

Mac OS

> Mac OS 10.5 or later



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