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Download SplashID for Windows Mobile

Read This! There are two different versions of SplashID 4. Please read below to decide which will be best for you. Also read the upgrade instructions if you are installing version 4 as a user of version 3.x.

SplashID 4.15 with RAPI Sync

This version of SplashID synchronizes from within the SplashID desktop, via a Sync menu. For many users, this is more reliable than Active Sync. Recommended for:

  • Windows Mobile 5 & 6 users, but especially Win Mobile 6 with Vista.
  • Anyone having problems with the Active Sync version (uninstall the Active Sync version before trying the RAPI sync version).


SplashID 4.15 with Active Sync

This version of SplashID synchronizes via the Active Sync manager (aka Windows Mobile Device Center on Vista) as version 3.x did. Recommended for:

  • XP users and Vista users with a Windows Mobile 5 device.
  • Anyone having problems with the RAPI sync version (uninstall the RAPI sync version before trying the Active Sync version).


Touchscreen Devices:Download

Non-Touchscreen Devices:Download

Touchscreen Devices: Download

Non-Touchscreen Devices: Download

System Requirements

  • Included desktop software requires 5 MB disk space, Windows 7, Vista or XP
  • Windows Mobile 5 or later
  • Release Notes

Other versions available:

Previous version 3.4 (for Win Mobile 5 only) Touchscreen | Non-Touchscreen
Previous version 3.32 (WM 2003 or older): Touchscreen | Non-Touchscreen
If you want the handheld version only: Touchscreen CAB | Non-Touchscreen
If you use a Mac, download this and view the ReadMe: SplashID Win Mobile Mac

Download Instructions

  1. Click the Download button for the product installer you wish to download.
  2. When prompted with the "File Download" dialog box, select "Save this program to disk" and save it in a place you are sure to remember, like your Desktop.
  3. After the file has finished downloading, launch the Installer from your desktop and follow the onscreen instructions.
  4. You will need to connect your device to complete the installation.

Upgrading - ***Backup Your Data***

If you own a license for SplashID 3.x, you can upgrade to SplashID 4 for just $9.95. First we recommend backing up your data from the SplashID Desktop:

File > Export > SplashID vID

After that, it is recommended that you uninstall SplashID 3.x before upgrading. Your data will not be deleted by doing this:

To delete SplashID from your handheld:

  1. Connect the device and open Active Sync or Windows Mobile Device Center on the desktop.
  2. Go to Tools > Add/Remove Programs. On Vista, go to Programs & Service > More > Add/Remove Programs.
  3. Select SplashID and click the Remove button, then click next.

To delete SplashID from your desktop:

  1. Open the Add/Remove Programs Control Panel.
  2. Double-click SplashID for Pocket PC and Select Remove.

Now you can install SplashID 4.x.

You may try the upgraded version for 30 days before you must purchase, which you can do here:


If you purchased a license for SplashID on a different platform (eg. Palm OS), you are eligible to "crossgrade" to SplashID for Windows Mobile for only $9.95: SplashID Crossgrade

To import your data from the Palm OS version, follow these instructions.



Supported Devices

Windows Mobile Pocket PC

> Windows Mobile 5 or 6



> Windows XP, Vista, and 7

Other Editions:





Palm OS

Desktop Only


  SplashID Enterprise and Government Edition

SplashID is now available in an Enterprise and Government Edition that provides a complete password security solution for enterprise-scale deployments of Windows and Mac OS desktop computers as well as smartphone and PDA devices, including Palm OS/Treo, Windows Mobile Pocket PC and Smartphone, Symbian Series 60, Symbian UIQ and RIM BlackBerry.

more info on SplashID Enterprise and Government Edition



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